"In this place I will grant peace."

inscription above the main altar

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"This will be a place of graces, a place of healing from diseases and wounds of the soul. Whoever takes refuge with faith in my Heart and in the Heart of my Son at this place will be healed and share in the peace that only heaven can give."
Mary’s message on Kurešček, 10 February 1990

About Kurešček


Our ancestors had been flocking to Mary on Kurešček for centuries – allegedly the church already existed in the 15th century.. Because it became the goal of an increasing number of pilgrims, it was enlarged at the beginning of the 18th century. It became a popular place of pilgrimage and was visited by thousands of people before the Second World War.

But after the war the church started to fall apart and the only thing that remained of the shrine were ruins. But Mary has never left the place where she has been granting peace for centuries.



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